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"Water Proof" Glitter Body Art


Glitter Body Art, (aka Glitter Tattoos) are perfect for Water Event Functions. 

Glitter Tattoos are water proof; but not lotion or soap proof.  They can last up to 7 days depending on how well they are taken care of.  A Care Card will be provided with instructions on how to care for it so that  you and your guest can get longer enjoyment out of it.

We can provide the following Designs to fit your party theme:

  1.  * Butterflies
  2.  * Princess   
  3.  * Pirate
  4.  * Holidays
  5.  * Bugs
  6.  *Flowers
  7.  *Hearts
  8.  *Sea World Creatures
  9.  *Sky Lights (Suns, Stars)
  10.   *Symbols
  11.  * Fantacy (Unicorns, Fairies)
  12.  * Animals
  13.  * Lizards
  14.  * Dinosaurs
  15.  * Wording
  16.  * Dragons & Skulls
  17.  * Sports

* And Many More Designs (You can ask to see if we carry a certain type of design to fit the theme of your party.)

When we do a party we display a picture board with 50 different designs for your guest to choose from.

We can have made Custom Glitter template Designs for your Event & also Product Logos for Corporate Party Events and Product Launches. It can be removed using an alcohol swab.

There is a 2 Hour Minimum and can be combined with Face Painting or Balloon Twisting and or Music & Games.

12-15 glitter tattoos an hour depending on design & total color of glitters requested. 

Custom Made Designs- Additional Fee may apply.

Minimal Travel Fee May Apply Depending on Destination

Prices Subject to Change


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